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Everything Starts With A Dream…

One of the top exports out of America is Hip Hop. It is used to sell everything from cars all the way to learning different subjects in school. When we say Hip Hop the first visual thought is of dance. It’s being used but it isn’t totally being understood. The popularity has never decreased and in its growing popularity the culture is being lost or replaced because the home of street dance does not have a place that is built specifically for it’s needs. You can learn street dance almost anywhere in the world but it is being taught in studios that weren’t built specifically for it unlike Next Genration New York Studios that only teaches street dance. We teach the entire culture of street dance from dancing on a major stage to creating works for theatre. Japan is one of the first countries to actively study street dance. Since New York is the home of street dance linking the two seemed to be the most logical thing to do.

How do you link a two cultures that are completely different? First we have to get the home of Hip Hop dance to realize the influence it has had on the world. Then we need to build a place where people can actully learn about street dance culture. After successfully building our studio in Japan for 15 years we are here to bridge the two communties while helping to educate the world of the strength of street dance and the cultures that drive them.

Next Generation New York / Japan